Miko Matsumura

Miko Matsumura

Founder - Evercoin

Miko Matsumura is a General Partner with Gumi Cryptos, a US $30M venture capital fund focused early stage blockchain startups and a Venture Partner with BitBull Capital, a cryptocurrency fund-of-funds. He is also an advisor to Arrington XRP Capital. He has been a keynote speaker at dozens of blockchain conferences around the world. He is also cofounder of crypto exchange Evercoin,

Miko participated in the first wave of the Internet as chief Evangelist for the Java Language and Platform at Sun Microsystems and is now fully engaged in Internet of value. With 25 years of enterprise software marketing experience in Silicon Valley, he has raised over $50 million in venture capital for Open Source startups such as Gradle, Hazelcast and has participated in multiple exits including INFRAVIO, webMethods, Db4O. He has invested in open source money, advising successful startups like Celsius ($2B in loans), Pundi X (global point of sale devices), Refereum ($30M Gamer Affiliate Marketing),  WiFiCoin (wifi Sharing), Guardian Circle (Decentralized Global 911 Emergency Services) and Hub (Decentralizing Professional Social Networking). He is also an LP with Focus Ventures, a firm with over $800M under management, 9 IPOs and 44 exits. He holds an Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Yale University where he worked on abstract computational neural networks. He’s leads the Crypto Underground meetup in San Francisco and is a well known speaker at many bitcoin and blockchain events.

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  • 18:30 CET

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  • Day - 02 June 12, 2020