Vince Kohli

Vince Kohli

Global Impact Capitalist Maker - Audacious Futures

Vince Kohli is Silicon Valley Venture Capital Investor, 6X Tech Entrepreneur, Serial Business Builder, Tech Visionary, Inventor, Public Speaker, Author for 19 plus years.  Vince is High Impact Super Angel Investor based in Silicon Valley, Global Venture Mentor Maker, Enterprise Blockchain Product Design Development Expert, Enterprise Software Cloud Innovator, Social Enterprise Innovation for Purposeful Community, Tech Startup Hyperscale Advisor, Corporate Startup Scaleup Venture Mentor, Capital Markets, Investor Relations with Multibillions Dollar Funds, High Frequency Trader at Wall Street, Product Strategist, Visionary Design Thinker, Expertise in Innovative Scalable Business Models, Open Systems, Scaling Technology for Social Innovation, Non-profits focused on Social Good, Data Storytelling, and Pilanthropreneurologist.


Vince is High Impact Venture Mentor Maker in Silicon Valley for Global StartUps and ScaleUps Ecosystem, SAP recognized and awarded SAP Mentor Award, and Vince Pioneered the first ever Corporate Mentorship Award a Highly Prestigious recognition by Enterprise Software Company, SAP, based in Palo Alto in the Heart of Silicon Valley.  Vince is Silicon Valley Inventor of ‘Problem Thinking’ with proven understanding of Failing Fast vs. Exponential Failure working with Silicon Valley Accelerators, Incubators, Venture Builders, Venture Studios, Enterprise Companies, Corporate Innovation to Empower Corporate Entrepreneurs, and Global Corporate Venture Capital firms. 


After Extensive Experience working with Early Stage Founders, and Contributing his Time with Deep Silicon Valley Mentorship, Vince has achieved this Revolutionary Rapid Prototyping Investor Pitching Method termed as “Seven Second StartUp and ScaleUp Value Pitch”.  This New Inventive Transformative Capability is a very promising opportunity to conduct that mission in an affordable, and very scalable manner which courageously contributes to inclusivity for every Builder, Entrepreneur, Creators, Engineer’s, Business Owner, Early Stage Founder and Founders who have previously raised capital, in an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.  Specific to Very Early Stage Tech and Non Tech StartUp Founders Vince has invented 7 Second High Valuable Pitch, a Driving Power for Budding Very Early Stage Founders to Pitch with Investors, with an intelligent framework how Q of Q (Quality of Question) leads to P of P (Prototype to Product) to have a super powerful impactful question of why the StartUp would accelerate and succeed in a very long run and get the valuable return to the Investment.

Vince is author of new book – Trillion Dollar Question. In 2016, Vince invented concept of Decentralized Thinking focused on the Blockchain Intelligence and helping venture backed Enterprise Blockchain companies in various verticals like MedTech, AgTech, FinTech, EnergyTech, EdTech, Patent Tech, and SpaceTech.


Vince’s all round international technology business experience as an execution architect with Accenture, SAP Expert Mentor, three times silicon valley tech founder, serial entrepreneur, social entrepreneurship coach, super angel investor, product designer and corporate strategist makes him a sought after startup business design advisor / mentor at YC (, Google, Stanford University, Singularity, Launch, IBM, StartX, AngelHack, Google4StartUps, 500 StartUps, Innovation Catalyst at UCSF for digital health + hardware and software design for medical devices, corporate startup innovation at Honda Innovation, Samsung Tech Impact, Corporate Ventures with HP Ventures, and Samsung NEXT Ventures, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Venture Lab – IE Business School, Plug and Play, Silicon Valley.  Vince is StartUp Judge at NASA, Google, IBM, Stanford, StartX, Draper University, Founder Institute, Founders Space, California State University, UC Berkeley, and MIT.  Vince has BS Information Science with CS major, and MBA from Top Business School in the US, with Investments and Securities at Harvard University.



Vince Kohli is life “changing” coach on Big Mission to Impact Billion Entrepreneurs with Global Professional Business Venture Mentorship Maker, and has contributed Mentorship to the community of 5,663 (five thousand six hundred and sixty third team) Silicon Valley Mentoring Mentee Founder’s team at Stanford as on April 2020, and contributed Mentorship to the community totaling to 5,666 (five thousand six hundred and sixty six team) Silicon Valley Mentee Founder’s Team as of April 21, 2020.  Vince’s Inspiring Initiative of Massive and Unstoppable Business Creation Platform termed as “Impact Billion Lives” is Silicon Valley High Impact Human Initiative with a Vision of World Impact and Intellectual Curiosity.  Impact Billion Lives is a Silicon Valley High Impact Invite-only Mentorship Initiative with an Exponential Vision of World Entrepreneurial Exponential Impact to ScaleUp Entrepreneurial Thinking, Business Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurial Thinking, Value Innovation, Impactful Invention, Accelerate Global Expansion for Startup Founders to promote an inclusive future, innovate for human needs, with deep understanding of the emerging dynamics in global markets, to serve ambitious community be able to thrive, and creating an empathetic blueprint for the future of sustainable business growth, with caring culture, to be built on core purpose.

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  • Day - 01 June 11, 2020
  • 20:00 CET

    Equity vs Token Investments

  • Day - 02 June 12, 2020